Friday, February 21, 2014

Realtime Landscaping Architect 2012 4.15 (32-Bit) Download

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Version: 4.15
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Developer: Idea Spectrum
Size: 211 mb

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Realtime Landscaping  Architect 2012 torrent

Realtime Landscaping Architect 2012

Review: Realtime Landscaping Architect is a professional application which helps users to create 2D and 3D presentations, which may include a variety of designs, such as landscapes, gardens, swimming pools, water parks, or plants. Although it comes packed with lots of special tools, it sports a clean interface and simple allowing you to start creating a new project from scratch, open a demo version, or edit photos house or land. Realtime Landscaping Architect gives you the ability to convert units of measurement and inserting different objects into the environment in relation to building work (for example: house, doors, windows, columns, fences, decks), tennis (eg slope, maps, road graders), roads (eg, sidewalks, streets, street lamps), national (eg province, hedges, rocks, plants), water features (such as fish s, waterfalls), and a swimming pool. Plus, the program offers a step-by-step approach to help design the new deck, landscaping, buildings or other projects. What is it? Further, you can set the properties of the selected object, move, rotate, align, or change their size as well as perform basic editing operations like cut, copy, or paste. Another important option is also specified to allow the user to group objects, or return them to repeat the action, choosing from a different perspective, working with multiple layers, change the direction of the compass, add shapes, bring objects forward, and zoom in or out. You can print the information generated, taking pictures in 3D design and print or export data into BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA, or PDF format. This tool allows you to edit the materials and items, add a camera in landscape design and adjust the position and angle, add 3D text, change the 3D nature of the leadership and the text color, and eye shape, and insert images and applying the overlying option. Finally, you can add model components (eg, boxes, bottles, ramps), and other types of objects, such as lines, curves, ellipses, rectangles, pie shapes, symbols and STI, area. Plus, you can upload files directly to outdoor landscape design and creation of films that present their projects to their customers. Realtime Landscaping Architect allows you to import pictures for them to match your landscaping ideas, and you can use different operations and choose from a variety of plants 3D models. All in all, Realtime Landscaping Architect offers a complete set of tools to help you create 2D or 3D proposed effective area.

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