Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MestReNova (formerly MestRe-C) 6.1.0 Build 6267 by mostafa_azzuni Download

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Version: 6.1.0 Build 6267
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Size: 54 mb

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MestReNova (formerly  MestRe-C) torrent

MestReNova (formerly MestRe-C)

Review: MestReNova a Windows utility built specifically to help you to analyze the data in a multi-stage chemistry. Thanks to its plugin support can processing, visualization, simulation, and data mining LC, GC, MS, and NMR. The design is clean and allows users to perform basic editing of selected information that is cut, copy, delete, or paste. In addition, you can align objects to send them to the back or brought forward, and sets their size, position and unit. When it comes to uploading files to the list, application works with a wide range of file formats, namely digit ZIP, MS, BIN, yes, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, FFT, mol, SDF, RAW, INF, XML, and others. MestReNova gives users the ability to insert lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses and polygons, text messages prohibits registration selected regions of the spectrum using cutting tools and graphical visualization, with a frequency that helps counting the number VA commodities and valleys in a given period of time. The program comes with a number of specific parameters for your help to automatically generate a spectrum, but also includes several algorithms related to the show or suspension drift correction, zero filling, LP, digital filtering, quadrature detection, and the like. In addition, it contains basic corrections can be applied manually or automatically, and allows you to symmetrize signals, reducing noise problems, the normalized intensity of the spectrum, using spectral Binning widget and manually align the chemical segregation 1D and 2D spectra for correlation signals. Other noteworthy features that allow users to perform compression and smoothing operations to improve decision, insert, transpose inverse spectrum data supports arithmetic operations, molecular structures Fund mol or import files sustainable development, create scripts and maintaining spectral predictions. Finally, MestReNova combines several tools such as algorithms for collecting peak spectral integration, multiplet analysis, features the line simulator NMR spectra, and others. The information generated can be printed or exported to PDF, EPS, or PS. Overall, MestReNova offers many useful features to help data analysis and nuclear magnetic resonance LC / GC / MS in a professional manner.

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