Monday, March 10, 2014

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Build 3097.0 (32-Bit) Download

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Version: 2.1 Build 3097.0
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Editors/Recorders
Developer: Syntrillium Software
Size: 13 mb

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Cool  Edit Pro torrent

Cool Edit Pro

Review: Todaiknovn Adobe Audition, Cool Edit Pro is a software digital audio editing addresses in amateur music enthusiasts and professional musicians alike. It provides state-of-the art audio processing environment that includes all the necessary conditions to music composition.Cool Edit Pro and? The installation process takes at least several minutes, probably due to a wonderful collection of preset effects and aggregate. During this process, the dialog asks you to select the relevant file audio format recognized by Cool Edit Pro. The application is not at all hard on the eyes, he is a professional, yet cool look that attracts all eyes and all of its features are nicely packaged in an organized and easy to understand menus. Standard features include cutting, gluing, cutting and combine audio files to create the exact song or a special effect itself've related to. Cool Edit Pro (with built-in support for DirectX) has a bunch of high-quality effects that you can play with, and can mix up to 64 tracks together. With this program you have access to edit files up to 2GB in size. The software supports more than 25 most commonly used formats, and offers audio effects, such as 3D echo, equalizers, multitap delay, chorus, distortion and flanger. In addition, you can transfer tapes, live performances, Internet radio, LPs, TV, DVD or other audio source to your hard disk. What Cool Edit Pro helps remove it maintains the quality of the audio file in all its aspects. It even has a click and crackle filter helps to clean vinyl records, a noise filter for images, as well as an option that allows you to remove the vocals for the song. Bottom line, it is a pleasure to play with this software. The ease of use, along with its rich diversity of functions make it one of the superior specialized software for audio editing, mixing and recording.

HTTP Analyzer Download

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Category: Tweak|Browser Tweak
Developer: IEInspector Software
Size: 14 mb

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HTTP Analyzer torrent

HTTP Analyzer


Sunday, March 9, 2014

CloneDVD Mobile / Beta Download

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Version: / Beta
Category: CD/DVD Tools|CD/DVD Images Utils
Developer: SlySoft Inc
Size: 14 mb

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CloneDVD Mobile  torrent

CloneDVD Mobile

Review: CloneDVD Mobile is an application that can be used to convert DVD to video formats supported by mobile devices such as 3GP, AVI, WMV and MP4. The tool has a user friendly interface which consists of simplified?? U-to-follow wizard. You can start by selecting the output profile, after which you can look for a DVD with a file browser or drag-and-drop method. So, you can watch the DVD information (such as video, audio streams, subtitles), a look at the clip and trim department. In the next step, you can choose the audio stream and the bottom?? Title (optional disable). In addition, you can specify the output destination and the name of the exception?? ĶirtspÄ"ju and video quality, deinterlace video and ra?? O individual?? Separates files. Conversion process, you can let CloneDVD Mobile will automatically shut down your computer when it's done, look at the progress and remaining?? O time, as well as view the summary of the log file. In the settings menu you can turn off the automatic review?? Anas updates and the sounds (or you can specify your own audio tracks). The program runs modest system resources include instruction with pictures and did not crash or frostitan our tests. Picture and sound quality of the output video is very good. However, CloneDVD Mobile has managed to convert DVD to AVI format for our tests, thanks coded?? Anas errors. Otherwise, we suggest?? O tool for all users.

Jasc Animation Shop 3.05

Torrent Size: 14 MB
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Version: 3.05
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: Corel
Size: 14 mb

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Jasc Animation Shop torrent

Jasc Animation Shop

Review: This includes image editing, graphics software category that stands adjusted, fed up with the application, but it provides users with the tools to design a few animations. You? It is also possible to do the tasks that you re looking for a piece of software, we suggest Jasc Animation Shop. This application to edit and enhance images, as well as animated buttons and banners are oriented to create stunning visual effects. It? In particular, keeping complexity to a minimum, we need to add to their web animations, web designers, etc. addressedto. A couple of quick installation t? Clicking Next does not require outside intervention? buttons. T impress with the appearance of the product? It does, however, Jasc Animation Shop asThe their menus accessible features of the standard interface. Two of its most important features of the File menu, will guide you through each step of the design and the standard animation wizards located. These goodies? Animation is the menu? Where you insert frames, flip, mirror or rotate them, resize animation, which allows you to change the color, functions can be found, set the animation properties, image effects, text effects and transitions, and so on. Other interesting features? Effects rest? section, including the ability to make the transition and image effects and animation of text within a rich module. Jasc Animation Shop is a graphical editor, which is also equipped with standard editing functions: crop, and so on. Resize, brush, eraser, palette, support for Photoshop input image formats including PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF result is a very rich and Autodesk files, MNG, FLC, FLI, in an instant, and can be saved as AVI. In addition to this, it? S effective, fun to work with and a really interesting exchange of experiences is to ask for fewer resources.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Multilizer PDF Translator Download

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Category: Office tools|PDF
Developer: Rex Partners
Size: 12 mb

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Multilizer PDF Translator torrent

Multilizer PDF Translator

Review: Multilizer PDF Translator is an easy tool that allows you to PDF files can translate to and from 29 languages. It can be easily treated, even by inexperienced people. The interface of the app is powered by a standard window, where you can be represented by either importing the file browser or drag and drop feature an item. Sorry, you can not have multiple items to work simultaneously one. So, that's all you need to do is select the source and the source language, in order to proceed with the translation process with the simple click of a button. Moreover, you can make the app can automatically detect the source language, enable test mode and change the language from the screen options. However, it is not possible to change the default output folder, documents are automatically stored in a folder in the same location as the source file is delivered. Applications must have a low to moderate amount of CPU and system memory, have a good response time and quickly finishing a task. Multilizer PDF Translator seems to be exactly in the translation of words, but it has a hard time with sentences. On the other hand, you can not make settings on PDF properties such as configure eg change the page size or typeface. You can also not Multilizer PDF Translator to minimize to tray or make it automatically output directory when the task is completed. The fact that the party is not supported, a major drawback.

Photo Frame Genius 2.3.1 by Shakal201

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Version: 2.3.1
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: Easytools Inc
Size: 13 mb

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Photo Frame Genius torrent

Photo Frame Genius

Review: Photo Frame Genius is an application which allows you to edit photos and add frames. the program interface is simple. You can import photos using the file browser (drag and drop method and batch processing not supported.) So, you can use the editing tools based on such as arrows, select, cut, copy and paste, resize, flip vertically or horizontally, adapting different, highlighting and gamma, as well as zoom in and out. In addition, you can use the undo Edo work, choose mask, add a border and shadow, as well as insert clipart and text. In addition, you can view or print the photo, adjust the quality of JPG compression, changing shape and color of the desktop, but the files in JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF, and view and save the log file. tool uses a low or moderate amount of system resources and includes a brief help file. We haven encounter any problems during our tests, as Frame Genius did not freeze, crash or pop up error. However, the program offers a very limited set of work (for example, several masks and frames, you can not configure text). In addition, its tools should be used for entertainment purposes only, as Frame Genius is clearly not intended for professionals. In general, photo frame Genius provides several options when it comes to graphic editing, so we can only suggest you look for other products.

Total Screen Recorder Flash 1.5 Build by muzamr

Torrent Size: 13 MB
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Version: 1.5 Build
Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Recording
Developer: TotalScreenRecorder Inc
Size: 13 mb

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Total  Screen Recorder Flash torrent

Total Screen Recorder Flash

Review: In the company, to be Softpedia TotalScreenRecorder Inc. special discounts, however, except by Softpedia, you can choose a discount of 20% of the total screen recorder with Flash. Take advantage of the current, and press the Buy Now, for you will see the agent discounts her man. No high school, no policy, no question, the complexity! Maybe now, but low cholesterol, let no man football is an easy to use Windows screen recorder, is considering the development of bereavement lion is an important action, which is also in SWF or FLV save it. The meaning is, that he used to be, to show through the window in the application settings, you should be in the places mentioned, I heard that fix, encode, nails that she knows, and the name of the file to be feared. If you put the twins can be changed to set both sides of the premises, and he was before all things it is highly recommended that a range of services at all levels. For that is defined as able to understand, that the United States at least, or can not be a king's dainties. Plus, you it was permitted that some good memory, because it was written I heard, the mouse cursor from foreclosures, with memory, auto flash, seem to think of except the two tablets. Unfortunately, rising notes helps to create a record of cooperation, even in the beginning, as soon as a door frame just stop it. He was, as has been said, he can not keep the contents of the program in the writings, or a SWF FLV or, as many are dedicated to to configure the media to shape, size, and the problem will be it is, in each of the countries countries to select the bit rate I've seen and heard, I heard that sample rate and policy. How to Choose the computer receives screen recorder, is an amazing work that the effect of preventing done without a script, the screen, the rest is in the light, I do not like to create a period of time. Over there is no doubt that this is, to raise the recorder, a useful tool and Total screen thanks to the easy to configure the game itself, the fact that it is, like you to do all the work from the user.