Monday, February 24, 2014

Password Manager 1.0.39603.45289 Download

Torrent Size: 810 MB
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Version: 1.0.39603.45289
Category: Security|Password Managers & Generators
Size: 810 mb

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Password Manager torrent

Password Manager

Review: Internet, e-mail, social networking and multiple user accounts with different websites or forums, or remembering all the different passwords for all They are not in the making of a valid option. Password Manager does exactly what its name says: it is a tool designed to keep data secure access makes it easy. You can apply for a master password, that will prove to be very useful, when you start the first time you will be prompted to enter a function. One password to rule them all: Basically, what it's supposed to. Protects all your passwords in the database application, you need to pay attention to because of this transaction. The software to store and manage user names, passwords, addresses and other information, and a powerful 256-bit AES encryption algorithm (Rijndael) with the help of the power to protect. Will automatically find and save web data validation, because the good thing about this software, you can easily have the ability to connect with Internet Explorer. Password Manager opens with a push of a button, and quick access to your browser, fill out the form. Use only the next time you want to access a particular website? Autosubmit? Functionality: This is the most basic way you can cheat by grabbing malware. This is a bad thing, though, is limited to the application of IE and other popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is not supported. In addition, Password Manager automatically lock feature? If you get the maximum time of inactivity, the only way to reactivate the program itself blocks and uses the master password. You can also lock the program by pressing the manual? Panic? button. Credentials include a password generator, or the ability to adjust the useful functions, along with other similar software, which can find applications in a number of important features missing from the group, features are the same, even freebies feathers. It is very easy to use software, easy to use interface. There are only four buttons on the toolbar: New, Settings, Password, horror, each with its own functionality. Using the master password, which can be changed quickly? Password? button. You can password protect and encrypt storage you're looking for a convenient and effective application that Password Manager you can rely on, but do not expect a full-blown product.

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