Saturday, November 2, 2013

Password Depot Professional 7.5.0 Download

Torrent Size: 12 MB
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Version: 7.5.0
Category: Security|Password Managers & Generators
Developer: AceBIT
Size: 12 mb

Seeds 145 SeedsLeechers 61 Leechers

Password Depot Professional  torrent

Password Depot Professional

Review: Password Depot is a software application that provides a secure environment for storing passwords and other sensitive data (such as software licenses, the credit card). This type of tool is recommended if you share your computer with multiple users, because it allows you to keep your personal information , who's your secret. The installation package includes Windows Explorer integration utility for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, along with a virtual keyboard to prevent key loggers from being punched shadow of your data. Password landfill interface based on windows look clean and professional, where you can use the file manager to organize on the local file system, USB storage device or server Internet Password Depot, Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive. So, you can add new items and a description, date of their last modified, type, expiration date, name and address URL. You can easily sort them into groups, use the search function and a list of favorites. Furthermore Password Depot supports backup and recovery system, and a new regime begins and export for all kinds of users. In the options screen, comes with many features. For example, you can switch to a different language and theme for the user interface, configure shortcuts to determine the date expiration of the default password, select the default web browser and disable alerts, among others. Overall engine operating on a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, have a good response time of key strokes and mouse events, and , with user documentation. No error message is displayed in our trials and Password Depot does not hang or crash. Thanks to the intuitive design and rich feature set, the program can be made by users of any experience level.

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