Monday, November 11, 2013

GOM Video Converter FastDL Download

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Size: 13 mb

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GOM Video  Converter torrent

GOM Video Converter

Review: GOM Video Converter to AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV and OGM files to various video formats that can encode tool. After a brief setup, which allows the program to install some codecs, you have preset (such as Apple, Sony, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft) to start the application, select every time. You have one or more files (batch conversion supported), you can add parameters to set the output format and set the output destination and start conversion. You can add a list of supported formats, however, the program will crash. When we try to change RM file occurs. Your video codecs (codec name, bitrate, frame interval of video quality, size filters), audio codec (codec name, format), video (size water ratio, frame, color settings and video effects), you can configure the output audio parameters (rate samples, frequency, normalizer), subtitles (font, color, vqe BC), but you can also add logos and video start and end points, the level of transparency, you can set the position and size. In addition, you can use video merge tool is a screencap or a preview image (using the right-click menu) to create MP3 or AAC output settings, but you'll also receive access to a video file types (audio extract). Encoding process is not too long - it depends on the size of the source file and output format. For example, GOM Video Converter is one minute and thirty-eight seconds (using default settings) can encode FLV files to AVI files 172MB is 107MB. Although the switch file conversion program fails, your conversion rate, move or copy files to a specific output directory specified, and the rest of the GOM Video Converter you can time your PC shutdown, trays, reduce error messages, and the conversion is complete, the display messages and more . Essentially GOM Video Converter video file merging, and audio production, which is a great tool for encoding. Properties for use will be faster and have a better understanding.

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