Thursday, October 17, 2013

Simple Port Forwarding 3.8.1 FastDL

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Version: 3.8.1
Category: Network Tools|Misc. Networking Tools
Developer: PCWinTech
Size: 12 mb

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Simple Port Forwarding torrent

Simple Port Forwarding

Review: One of the methods used to ensure?? Inate access to computers on the local private network from external systems and card?? Messaging and port forwarding. ?? Ī method enables administrators to make the computer after Mar?? RutÄ"tāja or NAT (Network Address Translator) seen someone outside the LAN. To complete these tasks o, though, is holding a special??'s Software will be much better than trying to make the configuration manually. Special?? S designed to help you?? This context, Simple Port Forwarding apply? Easy Transfer can only be you Look. The program has a very clean interface that has all the features of its well-organized organized into several tabs from the main window. So, you can see the mar?? RutÄ"tāju information as soon as you choose the right one from the list. GUI provides essential information for which the application has been sent to?? O IP, you can see the start and end ports, the number of open ports and port types as well. A very useful feature is simpler?? Port Forwarding i built a database that contains a lot of games and programs along the port they use. You can of course add custom port manually simplified?? I indicating name, type (TCP, UDP, or both), the start and end ports and IP addresses. Once you complete the configuration, you can check the selected port forwarding options in using the tool more useful test is included in the package. Thanks to a very good package for the sine function, and it is quite easy to use, simplified?? S Port Forwarding is a utility that can easily become a must for those in need?? Ams to complete these tasks regularly mentioned. GUI is easy to understand and the documentation that accompanies the program (and it is available only on the Internet) should clear up any questions you may have.

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