Thursday, October 17, 2013

Apex Video Converter Free 7.69 Download

Torrent Size: 13 MB
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Version: 7.69
Category: Multimedia|Video|Encoders/Converter/DIVX Related
Developer: Apex Software Inc
Size: 13 mb

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Apex Video  Converter Free torrent

Apex Video Converter Free

Review: Convert video files from one format to another is relatively easy because the market is full of software solutions able to do this, but its the quality of the resulting file that really matter. Zenith Video Converter Free claim it has the power to appear in a wide range of formats without changing the quality of all, if we're talking about AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4 and WMV. The interface is not the best to be seen, but it still helps the app to get the job done in a timely manner. The program will play with drag and drop support, so the only way to open a new file for conversion is to use the available Add button at the bottom of the main window. The only thing the user needs to do when starting a new project, select the format you want to use, pick out the folder and, if necessary, to play a bit with the settings for each format one has its own set of options. AVI format, for example, can customize with different frame rates or a separate audio codec, but the user also has the power to change the resolution to a custom one. The MP4 extension, however with alternative video size, frame rate, audio bitrate, video bitrate, channels and profiles, so you can easily use a predefined set of To save some time. The conversion is very fast and the application is running low on resources, so you can use it on older machines. All in all, the apex Video Converter Free a decent tool to convert video files on the fly. It's not too complicated so more advanced users can use it with minimal effort and the outcome is quite good.

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