Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WinSCP 5.1.7 Build 3446 / 5.2.4 Build 3548 Beta by hyfyi2011 Download

Torrent Size: 12 MB
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Version: 5.1.7 Build 3446 / 5.2.4 Build 3548 Beta
Category: Internet|FTP Clients
Developer: Martin Prikryl
Size: 12 mb

Seeds 137 SeedsLeechers 55 Leechers

WinSCP  torrent


Review: There are many users who want to connect their computers in a network, so you can easily access to the other? S PC when needed. For those who want to have a tool to quickly transfer files to WinSCP, which comes as a free software license, so the money is not necessary for continuous use. It should be mentioned that the first time you need to run this application primarily aimed at power users, such as an expert (or, at least, under the guidance of an expert) to properly configure the software solution at all. After the login process is completed, the application beginners can handle on their own, without additional support. Speed ​​up the process in the future, your data can be loaded in a single session, you can save it as easily when needed. The user interface is intuitive and WinSCP, during installation the following selection, a single panel or two (so basically for both local and remote access to users at the same time). You can explore and choose a file from your computer that you want to transfer to a PC or a remote FTP server. Moreover, it can compress or remote files to your PC without printing a copy. WinSCP compare and synchronize folders, their contents can be used without any additional effort other feature. Launch PuTTY Telnet or SSH application parameters can be changed if you want. However, many WinSCP can be helpful for those who need to process files from a remote computer. After the settings configured properly, remote synchronization and data transfer between the PC becomes a breeze.

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