Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AIDA64 Extreme Edition (EVEREST) 3.20.2600 / 3.20.2622 Beta by forrrrrrrd Download

Torrent Size: 13 MB
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Version: 3.20.2600 / 3.20.2622 Beta
Category: System|System Info
Developer: FinalWire Ltd.
Size: 13 mb

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AIDA64 Extreme Edition  (EVEREST) torrent

AIDA64 Extreme Edition (EVEREST)

Review: It is easy to recognize your computer, you just need an advanced application and some knowledge about this issue?? Anju if?? Want to learn all about the hardware. And the Internet is full of software re?? Solution, but, as always, theres one sentence all you'd ever need. It's called AIDA64 Extreme Edition, formerly known as Everest, and offers one of the most detailed reports we? Ve ever seen for that?? Roles. The amount of information it provides is amazing and really need to win gear if?? Want to know more about the hardware hidden under the hood of your PC. The installation process does not cause complicationsand The program interface is very clean and organized. Classified information ina similar way as the standard Windows Device Manager, the difference is important, though, as reported chi AIDA64 Extreme Edition displaysmuch more. Only in a few words, AIDA64 Extreme Edition can do whatever he wants??, And we can offer a complete set of statistics for each of it?? When your part?? Ego computer, including temperature, voltage and cooling fan monitoring, speed transfer of hard drives, optical drives and more details. In addition, the application includes a standard part of good development thatallowsyou to measure CPU, FPU and memory information, and compare the results with similar hardware ego. The developer updates the list of hardware from time to time, Soth informationoffered with softwareis has been updated. It has support for over 35 languages ​​in order to reach your maximum potential, wherever it is applied. These?? When that is the only good thing about this software, developers have improved??, Or most of the parts that go now with great interface, rich functionality and impressive functionality.

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