Saturday, March 8, 2014

Recover Files 3.29 (vvvpolyn) x86 x64 Download

Torrent Size: 14 MB
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Version: 3.29
Category: System|Back-Up and Recovery
Developer: Undelete & Unerase
Size: 14 mb

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Recover Files torrent

Recover Files

Review: Restore Deleted files is a task that can easily be done at this time, thanks to the many software solutions available and the most difficult task is actually to find a tool that really does what it should. Recover Files is a tool that promises to help much in this case, it comes with all the features necessary to support the goal. The program was created to bring back lost files either by deletion or accidental deleted by a virus. The interface is quite simple and the desire has problems when you use it because they only need a few clicks to operate. Just select the drive you want to scan and press the Analyze button if you do not have time to get more into the details. If you ea power users on the other hand, theres also the area of ​​the filter that will allow you to search for specific file names with certain size or modified within a certain period. Plus, you will have the option to hide temporary files and are overwritten. The exploration process takes only a few minutes, but it also depends on the size of the disc and the filters you have set up. Undelete process, on the other hand, depends on many factors, but it is still great so successfully recover deleted files. Overall, a disappointing victory Recover your files and, as we found during our testing, rapid recovery and you will have your files back in no time. Finally, note that some files can not be recovered because they are overwritten several times, this tool can save other documents with minimal effort.

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